Who & Why we are

Dear visitor of the RUSOFFERS.com website,
We thank you for the interest shown to our web resource. In order you can be sure that your time spent on studying of the website and the available offers or requests for purchase will have passed most effectively below you may find information about who we are, what we can offer for you and for what kind of Customers we can be useful.

Who we are

RUSOFFERS Co. are OEM independent traders, experts of foreign trading, contracting managers, group of affiliated companies and independent contractors in alliance with which we are focused in the following types of commercial activity:
- procurement, supply of the oil and gas equipment in the Russia and Kazakhstan, and for export outside of mentioned countries
- trade operations with offers of owners of assets for sale, contracting of the assets from their Owners, arrangement of pre-contract scope of works (inspection, negotiations and etc), fulfillment of purchase and sale deals with Owners of assets either for export from Russia or for import of assets to Russia and CIS,
- organization and structuring of logistics scheme, Russian Customs export procedure clearance with offers of assets and commodities which we are trading with and arrangement of their dismantling, packaging, handling, transportation to the required destination place, 
- contracting of the overhauling and repair of some types and brands of assets (power generation assets) for getting its condition “ready to install and operate” by OEM independent service providers in Russia,
- sourcing offers of assets  and commodities which are in-stock available and offered for the immediate sale and shipment for a purchase and their contracting and/or shipment arrangement,
- delivery and project sale of assets on the terms of total turnkey solution in alliance with the EPC contractors having the confirmed experience of construction, installation, commissioning, run testing, putting assets into operation and also design, engineering, modernization of similar assets, and also necessary licenses and admissions for scope of works in Russia;
- sale of annual O&M service or repair, recondition and overhauling service contracts for power plants and reciprocating gas and diesel gensets in alliance with the contractors having own technical factory or workshop and experts with the confirmed experience of implementation of maintenance, service, overhaul, repair and recondition services of generators manufactured by well-known manufacturers and brands;
- sale of annual supply contracts for procurement of spare parts, components for operation of natural gas or diesel generating sets in alliance with suppliers of such commodities, delivery of sets of spare parts and components, including reconditioned or manufactured in OEM independent factory (connecting rods, cylinder heads, engine short-blocks with associated works of replacement, installation, commissioning) with the warranty provided, and offered as excess stock, surplus new, reserve stocks or alternative spares and components.
What type of assets and commodities we are contracting and deal with
For a current moment RUSOFFERS traders and export contracting experts team deals with project assets and commodities which can be used and applied for their main purposes by industrial end-users or operators in the following industries:
Decentralized power and heat generation: pre-owned used or surplus new, unused power and heat generation assets including CHP units fueled with natural gas, diesel or crude oil (which are in property of their current owners, operators, investors) manufactured by well-known international brands and available in-stock for immediate shipment, surplus new, reserved stocks, excess stock lots of spares, components for the specified assets or any kind of brand new assets which are manufactured in Russia for Power and Heat generation industry.
Oil and Gas Exploration and Production: pre-owned surplus new assets only which have not been installed and operated before, stock lots of the surplus new, excess stock of equipment and commodities which are in property of their owners, operators, investors and manufactured by well-known international brands for the oil and gas industry and available in-stock for immediate shipment or any kind of brand new assets which are produced by well-known manufacturers in Russia for Oil and Gas Exploration/Production industry.
Steel commodities: surplus new only, excess stock lots of ferrous and alloy steel, stainless steel commodities which are in property of their first-handed owners, operators, investors available in-stock and offered for sale and immediate shipment.
RUSOFFERS Co. deals with both types of assets offers: for sale and for purchase with sourcing them in Russia and CIS and contracting in the Customers’ interests.
RUSOFFERS Co. moves on the market technical and commercial offers for sale of in-stock available pre-owned assets (first handed preferably) and requests for purchase of assets issued by a Customer for assets wanted to acquire and relocate outside of Russia and CIS, including with a complex of associated scope of work contracting: arrangement of safe payment with guarantee of assets loading, pre-purchase inspection of assets,  dismantling, relocation packages and for some type of  assets their recondition/overhauling service before a shipment.
To prevent own and yours waste of time please find below those type of companies which with we are interested to establish long-term cooperation and alliance in perspective deals:
- industrial end-users, operators of distributed electric power and heat capacities with own generation, independent power producers, power generators rental service providers,  power plants engineering and relocation contractors, reciprocating engines based gensets packagers, 
- independent Oil and Gas Exploration/Production companies and their drilling contractors, oilfield service companies,
- EPC-contractors experienced in power plants construction, erection, installation of the oil and gas related equipment and assets as complete turnkey solutions, power plants relocation contractors,
- operation, maintenance, overhauling and repair services providers for generating sets based on reciprocating engines manufactured by well-known brands,
- companies having intentions to make investment into distributed projects of power generation for the commercial operation on the Build-Own-Operate terms of projects implementation,
- investors, stockholders, company – stockiests having interest and regular demand to import pre-owned assets and commodities which RUSOFFERS Co. deal with and other type of experienced importers with POF available.

Why we are

You will get clear structure and origin of ownership for the offered assets
Any reputed Customer decided to cooperate with RUSOFFERS Co. can be 100% sure when contracting assets for the purpose of purchase through Rusoffers traders team you will always have the direct contract with the owners of the assets and their competent officials having an authority to dispose of the assets belonging on the property rights  to according Owners.
You will get clear structure and procedure of assets contracting, method and conditions of payment and delivery for assets before the deal arrangement
For the Customers and Suppliers cooperating with RUSOFFERS Co. we always coordinate, fix and provide for Customers prior to start any kind of deals:
- proposed essential conditions and terms contracts for purchase or sale of assets, 
- proposed method and procedure of safe payment for assets which match for all interested parties in a deal,
-  the size of RUSOFFERS traders premium for the deal, how it is supposed to be paid after finalizing the deal, whether it is included in the asset price, 
- structure of a deal procedure especially for assets which are in installed condition, required for dismantling, overhauling, packaging and relocation services
You will get preliminary commercial terms of deal for to make a decision regarding the contract with asset
Usually the RUSOFFERS Traders premium (commission) for contracting of the asset or moving the offer of the asset to a market has the fixed size which is included in the asset price offer and should be paid after successful finalizing the contract (a shipment of the of asset) in RUSOFFERS Traders favor.  Before the deal arrangement you will always get all estimated charges which you are supposed to be borne extra the asset price mentioned in the main export-import contract with the Owner of the asset.
You will get competitive prices for assets
For the Customers RUSOFFERS Co. always is trying to offer assets with more competitive pricing compared to equipment offered by manufacturers, official distributors of the brand new equipment with the current year of manufacturing. Even you did not find ours offers rather competitive please provide us with documental evidence that similar assets (brand, main characteristics, condition) are traded with better pricing that we do and RUSOFFERS Co. would try to support your price formula before the Owner of the asset and get the contract with needed terms and prices provided that your pricing idea is not based on scrap value of the asset. 
You will get access to the market and End-Users, Owners in Russia and CIS and assets which are in-stock available, ready for inspection and immediate shipment
The assets offered by RUSOFFERS Co. are stored in a warehouse or yard of the company - owner of the asset and all of them are ready for immediate shipping after their due contracting. All assets are ready for immediate inspection by the Buyer’s representatives or any third party reputed inspectors. Inspection, technical revision, expertise, assessment of the assets can be arranged as soon as RUSOFFERS Co. can get from the Customer clear confirmation to contract the asset on preliminary specified commercial and delivery terms and conditions through RUSOFFERS Co. and after signing some framework agreement or issuing by the Customer an irrevocable letter of guaranteed payment of the due RUSOFFERS trader premium.
As for quality of the offered pre-owned assets most of them are offered in condition “as it really is” and as a rule with expired warranty period. Upon additional request for some assets there is possible to arrange their recondition and overhauling with limited guarantee provided by contracting of some assets through some OEM independent overhauling and recondition service providers recommended by RUSOFFERS Co.