20.12.2020 Caution Notice about Rolt Energy Service LLC from ROLT GROUP.  RUSSOFFERS GTE notification about unscrupulous ways of doing business by the associated company from ROLT GROUP - «Rolt Energy Service» LLC

RUSOFFERS GTE provides contracting services and makes the business, guided by the core values aimed at establishing trusting, open, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners.

RUSOFFERS GTE has never been and is not intended to be profitable in any way that may prejudice the interests of our business partners.

RUSOFFERS GTE has never had and does not intend to unjustly enrich ourselves at the expenses of our business partners and always makes all efforts to avoid any risks or adverse consequences for our business partners in the Russian Federation.  RUSOFFERS GTE expects the same business principles from those who start cooperation with RUSOFFERS GTE team.

RUSOFFERS GTE would like to state and note that we have encountered with a fact of unfair, unscrupulous conducting of business by the company belonging to ROLT GROUP in Russia,  Rolt Energy Service LLC.  Its director commercial  Aleksey E. Barskikh, director general Vladimir A. Litvinov have completely abandoned the fulfillment of Rolt Energy Service LLC obligations, preliminarily  agreed before start of partnership.

We wish to caution the general public to be very attentive when you decide to take part in the deal with ROLT GROUP of companies in Russia,  its associated group of companies and especially with above mentioned individuals who are officials or beneficiaries or its founders in Rolt Energy Services LLC: Denis S. Ignatyev, Nikolay A. Litvinov.

RUSOFFERS GTE has to decline from any kind of cooperation with companies or individuals who are in any sort of relations with ROLT GROUP or its associated, affiliated companies or its founders, officials, beneficiaries.


With respect to your business and time,