8MWe WARTSILA 16V25SG [x3] Used Pre-owned Natural Gas CHP Power Plant 1994y 10000V

8MWe WARTSILA 16V25SG [x3] Used Pre-owned Natural Gas CHP Power Plant 1994y 10000V
8MWe WARTSILA 16V25SG [x3] Used Pre-owned Natural Gas CHP Power Plant 1994y 10000V 8MWe WARTSILA 16V25SG [x3] Used Pre-owned Natural Gas CHP Power Plant 1994y 10000V 8MWe WARTSILA 16V25SG [x3] Used Pre-owned Natural Gas CHP Power Plant 1994y 10000V 8MWe WARTSILA 16V25SG [x3] Used Pre-owned Natural Gas CHP Power Plant 1994y 10000V 8MWe WARTSILA 16V25SG [x3] Used Pre-owned Natural Gas CHP Power Plant 1994y 10000V
Asset Reference: RUSOFFER-007
USD 275 000
The scope of supply of the power plant as it was specified by the Owner of the asset:
Gas engine Wartsila Nohab 16V25SG 3PCS
Generator ABB HSG 710 LR6   3 PCS
Engine(s) lube oil draining unit 1 PCS
Diesel genset 8061L25 for Power Plant black start 1 PCS
Starting System:
Compressor LT930E 2 PCS
High pressure vessels 3 PCS
Heat recovery System: 
Hot water cogeneration units on HT and exhaust circuit 3 PCS
Control and Monitoring System 1 set
Electrical equipment 1 set
Exhaust gas system:
Exhaust gas silencer 3 PCS
Exhaust below 3 PCS
Steel chimney 1 PCS
Cooling system:
External radiator UFX-42 6 PCS
Lubricating oil system 1 set
Hot water boiler GTR-3 with burner CH-8603 3600 kWe 1 PC
Station service transformer KTMP 12 / 800, 800 kWA, 10500±2*2.5% V 1 PC
Reserve gas boiler plant 03BY-PORCA-STA-3.0 9.7Gcal 1PC
Piping, Valves
The detailed technical specification and description of the asset  (22 pages PDF file) issued by WARTSILA can be provided for potential Customers interested in buying of asset upon a request.
The estimated shipping weight of the asset is ~ 200 000 kg.
Main Data of the Power Plant – Operating conditions
1.1 Electrical power 
The total electrical output is generated by 3 gas generating sets of type Wartsila Nohab 16V25SG at 1000 rpm in set with generator ABB HSG 710 LR6 with the following electrical outputs:
Engine nominal output (ISO conditions),kWm 2 960
Alternator output , kWe 2 800
Generator Voltage,kV 10,5
Nominal Frequency, Hz 50
Total alternator output,  kWe 8 400 kVA with P.f 0,8 10608
1.2 Thermal power
The supply allows to recover thermal energy which is available on engines HT and exhaust circuits. The cogeneration is based on a modular design, the recovery is done on each engine by an independent fluid loop, separated from engines circuits and from customer circuit by heat exchangers.
The customer recovers the following thermal energy in parallel on three central plates heat exchangers:
Hot water outlet temperature, ºC 95
Water maximum return temperature from customer process, ºC 70
Total heat recovered, kW 9700
1.3 Energy input
The total energy input according to ISO 3046/1 is: 18 100 kW LHV
Equivalent to a gas consumption
(with the reference gas LHV 33 440 KJ/Nm3): 2 005,5 Nm3/h
1.4 Exhaust emissions
The engine exhaust emissions are:
NOx (max): 1,5 g/kWh at 5% O2 dry
CO: 2,8 g/kWh at 5% O2 dry
NMHC: 40 mg/Nm3 at 5% O2 dry
1.5 Reference conditions
Service conditions according to ISO 8528/1 and reference conditions according to ISO 3046/1:
COP: Continuous output without time limitation between the maintenance intervals. No overload allowed.
Maximum outside temperature + 35 ºC
Minimum outside temperature - 50 ºC
Altitude 100 m a.s. l maximum
Cooling water inlet temperature 40 ºC maximum
1.6 Gas specification
The above mentioned power plant performances are valid with the following minimum gas specification:
Natural gas LHV 33 440 kJ/Nm3 minimum
Methan number 80 minimum
Gas temperature +5 ºC minimum .... +50 ºC  maximum
Gas pressure engine inlet 0,5 bar G minimum …. 0,26 bar G maximum
Gas pressure supply to plant 3 to 8 bar (before gas train)
RUSOFFERS Co traders team has been working to upload all information regarding this asset for your kind perusal. For urgent inquiries to acquire the asset please contact us by e-mail, Skype or by phone.


Equipment Status: The asset is used, installed in full complete condition and out of manufacturer’s warranty. As it is being offered for sale in condition  “as is and where is” for potential Customers pre-purchase inspection of the asset is recommended for technical team of proposed users or operators of the asset to evaluate it.
Brief Operating History: The power plant was manufactured in 1994, put in operation in 1998 and was operated until 2004 fueled by natural gas. Total operating hours of gensets are about 33900, 33500, 38500 hours since new. 
Technical maintenance and service of the power plant were provided by WARTSILA service provider in Russia. 
Prior to reinstallation the power pant is required for the major overhauling, modernization of control panels of gensets. The scheduled maintenance 40000 hrs for 2 gensets and major overhaul for 1 genset is required (replacement of pistons) because of pre-emergency stop of the one genset.
All documentation and service / maintenance reports regarding to the power plant are available from the current Owner of asset.
Currently the Owner of the asset supports the power plant in preserved mode.


The Owner of the asset will not participate in any kind of bidding or tenders arranged by the Buyer for the purchase of the asset.
Potential Customers who would like to negotiate with the Owner of the asset any points concerning with pre-purchase inspection arrangement, offered price ideas for the asset, terms and conditions of the contract or any other offerings can do it as soon as they confirm specified essential terms of the sale contract and provide RUSOFFERS traders team with guaranteed confirmation to contract the asset with provided terms and conditions.
Recondition-Overhauling option. WARTSILA gensets are being included in the scope of supply need for overhauling, recondition and maintenance. If a Customer would like to get the gensets in condition ready for immediate installation and commercial operation upon a Buyer’s request RUSOFFERS Co. can initiate offer for recondition, maintenance of all gensets from OEM independent experienced service provider in Russia for this type of gensets after inspection of the gensets and evaluation scope of works to be implemented.
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RUSOFFER-007 8.4MWe  WARTSILA 16V25SG Used Pre-owned Natural Gas Cogeneration Power Plant [4420 kVAx3] with all ancillaries 1994y 1000rpm 50Hz 10000V Running ~38500 hrs since new Installed with associated all auxiliaries and accessories Dismantling Packaging  Maintenance required Sale EXW Russia


Offer's type sale
Type of asset power plant
Brand of asset WARTSILA
Country of origin Finland
Fuel natural gas
Status used
Condition dismantling and packaging required
Year of manufacture 1994
Running hours 38500
Total electrical output of asset, MWe 8.4
Quantity of power generating units, pieces 3
Alternator output or Power rating of power generating unit, kWe 2800
Generator voltage, V 10000
Nominal frequency, Hz 50
Speed engine, RPM 1000
Brand and model of power generating asset or Engine type 16V25SG
Brand and model of alternator, kVA Rating ABB HSG 710 LR6 4420 kVA