6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C [x3] Unused CHP Packaged Power plant Natural gas 2008y 6300V

6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C [x3] Unused CHP Packaged Power plant Natural gas 2008y 6300V
6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C [x3] Unused CHP Packaged Power plant Natural gas 2008y 6300V 6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C [x3] Unused CHP Packaged Power plant Natural gas 2008y 6300V 6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C [x3] Unused CHP Packaged Power plant Natural gas 2008y 6300V 6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C [x3] Unused CHP Packaged Power plant Natural gas 2008y 6300V 6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C [x3] Unused CHP Packaged Power plant Natural gas 2008y 6300V
Asset Reference: RUSOFFER-032

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USD 2 300 000
The scope of supply of the power plant as it was specified by the Owner of the asset is fully complete turnkey power generation solution is available in Russian language along with inspection report and decription 
According to the technical documentation gensets can be fueled by natural gas, biogas, associated petroleum gas, coal methane.
The estimated shipping weight of the asset is ~ 00 000 kg (9 trucks).
Supposed essential terms of the sale purchase contract and the structure of the deal:
The contracting of the asset with the USD, EUR or RUB currency of payment will be arranged by RUSOFFERS traders team directly between the Owner of the asset as the authorized Seller- Exporter of the asset and the Buyer of the asset as the Importer of the asset through the experienced and international well-known Project Cargo Carrier which is supposed to be acted as the Import-Export Purchasing Agent of the Company – Buyer in Russia and able to arrange the export of the asset from Russia to a place of destination including all needed export customs formalities in Russia.
The supposed terms of the sale-purchase contract according INCOTERMS 2010 rules are EXW Cleared for EXPORT, on-site Owner’s warehouse terms. 
The supposed place of delivery where the asset should be collected by the Project Carrier nominated by the Buyer is the warehouse of the Owner of the asset located in the Siberian Federal District of Russia, ~3500 km far from any sea port.
The ownership for the asset and all risks will be passed from the Seller to the Buyer at the moment when the Project Cargo Carrier will load the dismantled asset on the Carrier’s truck.
The essential terms and the procedure of the assignment clause:
The asset is supposed to be passed at the Buyer’s disposal (or the Buyer’s nominated Project Carrier) in a reasonable agreed time after issuing the payment from the Buyer’s side. 
The asset must be collected by the Buyer (or the Buyer’s nominated Project Carrier) from the Seller’s yard in a reasonable agreed time specified in the sale contract.
The dismantling of the asset and the arrangement of the asset relocation (including if it is needed packaging, marking, painting, loading and etc) from the Seller’s place of asset location to the final destination place of delivery is supposed to be arranged by the Buyer technical team (or by the Buyer’s nominated Project Cargo Carrier or Sub-contractor under supervision of the Buyer’s representative).
The essential terms and procedure for payment of the asset:
The asset is expected to be paid by the Buyer’s appointed Project Cargo Carrier before the Seller should transfer the asset at Buyer’s (or nominated Project Cargo Carrier) disposal by any of the following options:
-100% payment bank transfer  in the Seller favor from the Project Cargo Carrier after the asset loaded on the Carrier’s truck;
-100% covered irrevocable documentary letter of credit issued  to the Seller's bank or confirmed by the Seller’s bank if the L/C is not covered with main condition of payment against copy of shipping document: either deed of conveyance of the asset signed and stamped by the Seller and Buyer or  CMR, loading report issued by the Project Cargo Carrier and confirming the acceptance of the asset by the mentioned Project Cargo Carrier.
Equipment Status: The asset is unused, first-handed, installed in full complete condition without CHP units and out of manufacturer’s warranty.  As the asset is being offered for sale in condition  “as is and where is” for potential Customers pre-purchase inspection of the asset is recommended for technical team of proposed users or operators of the asset to evaluate the quality and condition of the asset from long-term storage.
Brief Operating History: The power plant was manufactured in 2006, installed in 2007, not been commissioned and never been operated at all. Total operating hours of gensets are 0 (Zero) hours since new. Run test of the power plant can not be provided due to disconnected some components of the power plant.
All technical documentation regarding to the power plant is available from the Owner of the asset but in Russian language only as the asset was delivered by the official CAT distributor in Russia.
Currently the Owner of the asset supports the power plant in preserved mode.


The Owner of the asset will not participate in any kind of bidding or tenders arranged by the Buyer for the purchase of the asset.

The quoted price for the whole asset with all ancillaries, accessories included is based on  EXW CLEARED FOR EXPORT, RUSSIA terms INCOTERMS-2010.

Partial shipments and partial sales of the power plant are not allowed.
The sale deal of the power plant will have take a place with proposed Company Buyer which had 3+ years of successful experience with CATERPILLAR power plants, gensets in any of following fields in the country of supposed destination:
- Relocation, Installation and Commissioning;
- Operation, Maintenance, Overhauling.
Potential Customers who would like to negotiate with the Company Owner of the asset any questions concerning with pre-purchase inspection arrangement, offered price ideas for the asset, terms and conditions of the contract, delivery and payment or any other offerings can do it as soon as they confirm specified essential terms of the sale-purchase contract and provide RUSOFFERS traders team with guaranteed confirmation to contract the asset with provided terms and conditions.


For RUSOFFER-032 related questions and requests, contact 
Mr. Yuriy V, RUSOFFERS Trader
T: +7.918.168.16.11 VIBER WhatsApp Online
E-mail: contact @ RUSOFFERS.com


RUSOFFER-032 6MWe CATERPILLAR G3520C Unused CHP Containerized Power plant [2500 kVa x3] Natural gas EE39.5% 2008y 6300V 50Hz 1500rpm Running 9hrs since new Installed-Not commissioned Maintenance-Overhauling required Sale EXW Russia


Offer's type sale
Type of asset power plant
Brand of asset CATERPILLAR
Country of origin USA
Fuel natural gas
Status unused
Condition maintenance and overhauling required
Year of manufacture 2008
Running hours 9
Total electrical output of asset, MWe 6.0
Quantity of power generating units, pieces 3
Alternator output or Power rating of power generating unit, kWe 2000
Generator voltage, V 6300
Nominal frequency, Hz 50
Speed engine, RPM 1500
Brand and model of power generating asset or Engine type CAT G3520C
Brand and model of alternator, kVA Rating SR4B 2500 kVA