6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V

6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V
6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V 6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V 6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V 6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V 6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V 6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG x4 Surplus new Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 1999y 6300V
Brand: MAN B&W
Asset Reference: RUSOFFER-006
USD 700 000
The scope of supply of the power plant as it was specified by the Owner of the asset:
N of item, Name of the equipment, Number of box, Overall dimensions in cm Quantity, Weight Gross, kg
1 Diesel and gas engine set 18V 20/27 DG, V-cylinders, 1000 rpm A-1; A-2; A-3; A4 772х252х336, each of 4 4 x 30600
2 Gas boiler unit working on exhaust gases FV-1; FV-2 575х240х253 each of 2, 2 x 6500
3 Steam boiler unit to recycle gases FV-3; FV-4 550х246х253 each of 2 6500; 6700
4 Accessories for Gas boiler units, 2 gas pipelines for outlet gas FV-5; FV-6 460х240х186 each of 2, 2 x 2500
5 4 bases, and frame of heat exchanger FV7 260х200х172, 3500
6 Gas boiler, 4 bases, frame FV-8 260х200х219 4500
7 4 bases, and frame of heat exchanger FV-9 300х240х131 3800
8 Accessories for heat exchangers (boilers) FV-10 300х230х161 4300
9 Isolation FV-11 300х230х161 1100
10 Mechanical equipment and accessories FV-12; FV-13; FV-14 1200;1100;100
11 Burner G-1 (56a); №56 155х115х90 each of 2 2x360
12 Exhaust gas silencer FF-1; FF-2; FF-3; box N1(4) 500х146х185 each of 4 4x1439
13 Double-circuit  External radiator FZ1/5 FZ 2/5 FZ3/5 FZ 4/5 580х250х286 each of 4 4x4600
14 Accessories for radiator’s units FZ 5/5 410х160х111 880
Z-12 490
A-16 135х142х155 958
Z-8 450
15 Tanks Z-21 225х135х118 750
Z-22 270
Z-20 225х135х118 750
16 Transmitters A-13 120х80х90 150
17 Monitoring devices A-29 39х120х123 1025
18 Tool kits for mechanical equipment test A-27 159х78х86 358
Z-7 135х140х150 700
Z-13 280
19 Pipes (materials), filters, pumps, regulators, Plant auxiliaries piping Z-4 238х168х123 2470
Z-1 2500
Z-2 2640
Z-6 238х108х123 990
Z-5 1680
Z-23 1420
Z-3 2240
А-5 1280
Z-18 1300
А-26 1280
Z-16 1870
Z-14 540
Z-19 1830
Z-24 560
20 Gas transmission system А-30 230х70х192 512
Z-11 490
Z-10 2200
21 Rolled metal Z-17 658х78х88 3580
22 Consumption indicator Z-9 188х148х170 1540
Z-15 830
23 Deadener DZ-1; DZ2 367х239х185 each of 2 2x2850
24 Air filter FB-1; FB-2 120х160х170 each of 2 2x750
25 Pumping units 2ОF-2 (N2) 10F-2 (N1) 142х100х110 each of 2 1010; 716
26 Compressor DP-1/1 110х90х105 223
27 Heat booster (air) 1011/1116700 190х160х70 475
28 Crane beam DG-2; DG-3 1810х25х40 each of 2 2x1000
29 Crane runway rails DG-4; DG-5 1220х25х40 each of 2 2x900
30 Crane set DG-6 320х90х98 1150
31 Main beam DG-1 970х43х30 902
32 Electrical equipment (Power distribution switchgears) 0008175 20’’ container 8500
33 Spare parts, tools, accessories 4609046 40’’ container 8900
The estimated shipping weight of the asset is ~ 270 000 kg.
Main Data of the Power Plant – Operating conditions
The power plant is equipped with the inspection and monitoring system “Khuse” that includes the anti-knock regulation and management of the dual fuel mode.
1.1 Electrical power 
The total electrical output is generated by 4 generating sets of type MAN B&W 18V20/27DG at 1000 rpm, with the following electrical outputs:
Engine nominal output (ISO conditions) 
Diesel kWe 1533 each
Dual Fuel  kWe 1711 each
Generator Voltage kV 6
Nominal Frequency Hz 50
1.2 Consumption data
Diesel consumption 201 g/kWh
Dual Fuel - Diesel Fuel (5%) and Natural Gas (95%) consumption
Starting fuel delivery
8 190 kJ/kWh
(0,241 N.M3 / kWh)
710 kg/h
1.3 Diesel fuel specification
The above mentioned power plant performances are valid with the following minimum diesel fuel, MDO specification  :
Density at +15 ºC (ISO 3675)
minimum 820 kg/m3
maximum 890 kg/m3
Kinematical viscosity (ISO 3104) minimum 1,5 mm2/s
maximum 6,0 mm2/s
Cetane number (ISO 5165) minimum 40
Working pressure of diesel fuel 1,5-2,0 bar
Gas pressure supply to plant ~ 3,5 bar G (before gas train)
Supposed essential terms of the sale purchase contract and the form of the deal:
The signing of a contract for sale of the asset with the USD, EUR or RUB currency of payment will be arranged by RUSOFFERS traders team directly between the Owner of the asset as the authorized Seller and Exporter of the asset and the Buyer of the asset as the Importer of the asset.
The supposed basis terms of the sale-purchase contract according INCOTERMS 2010 rules are EXW Cleared for EXPORT, on-site Owner’s warehouse terms. 
The supposed place of delivery where the asset should be collected by the Project Carrier nominated by the Buyer is the warehouse of the Owner of the asset located in the Central Federal District of Russia, ~3500 km far any sea port in Russia.
The ownership for the asset and all risks will be passed from the Seller to the Buyer at the moment when the Project Carrier will load the asset on the Carrier’s truck.
The essential terms and the procedure of the assignment clause:
The asset is supposed to be passed at the Buyer’s disposal (or the Buyer’s nominated Project Carrier) in a reasonable agreed time after issuing the payment from the Buyer’s side. 
The asset must be collected by the Buyer (or the Buyer’s nominated Project Carrier) from the Seller in a reasonable agreed time specified in the sale contract.
The dismantling of the asset  and the arrangement of the asset relocation (including if it is needed packaging, marking, painting, loading and etc) from the Seller’s place of asset location to the final destination place of delivery is supposed to be arranged by the Buyer technical team (or by the Buyer’s nominated Project Carrier).
If the Buyer needs and upon additional Buyer’s request the mentioned complex of services can be provided by an experienced Contractor or Project Cargo Carrier of such kind services in Russia that can be proposed to the Buyer by RUSOFFERS traders team.
The essential terms and procedure for payment of the asset:
The asset is expected to be paid by the Buyer before the Seller should transfer the asset at Buyer’s (or nominated Project Carrier) disposal by any of the following options:
-100% payment bank transfer against APG issued by the Buyer's recommended bank in Russia;
-100% covered irrevocable documentary letter of credit issued  to the Seller's bank or confirmed by the Seller’s bank if the L/C is not covered with condition of payment against copy of shipping document: either deed of conveyance of the asset signed and stamped by the Seller and Buyer or  CMR, loading report issued by the Buyer’s nominated Project Carrier and confirming the acceptance of the asset by that Carrier;
-100% payment by the Buyer’s nominated Project Carrier or its authorized agent/representative of the Project Carrier in Russia at the moment of the asset loading on Carrier’s truck is optional type of the payment method which must be agreed and confirmed by Seller, Buyer and Carrier before the deal arrangement.


Equipment Status: pre-owned (first handed) and unused. Manufacturer’s warranty period is not valid. 
Brief Operating History: The power plant was designed for CHP (90 C hot water) operation and all exhaust gas boilers, pipes and heat exchangers for this are a part of this delivery. Heat exchangers and boilers are in good condition. Electric & control cabinets are also in very good condition. This equipment was delivered by German MAN in 1999 but NEVER BEEN INSTALLED.  The delivery included a complete power plant equipment to generate electric power with 4 MAN 18V20/27 DG generating sets and related auxiliaries at 6300 V / 50 Hz. All equipment was delivered in 1999 to the customer and ever since kept in a cold indoor warehouse in the position and condition which was given by the manufacturer MAN B&W. All equipment, except one complete generating set, is still in original transport boxes and protected with factory protection smears by an awning. 


The Owner of the asset will not participate in any kind of bidding or tenders arranged by the Buyer for the purchase of the asset.
Partial shipments and partial sales of the power plant are not allowed.
Potential Customers who would like to negotiate with the Owner of the asset any points concerning with pre-purchase inspection arrangement, offered price ideas for the asset, terms and conditions of the contract or any other offerings can do it as soon as they confirm specified essential terms of the sale contract and provide RUSOFFERS traders team with guaranteed confirmation to contract the asset with provided terms and conditions.


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RUSOFFER-006 6MWe MAN B&W 18V20/27DG Unused Pre-owned Dual fuel Power plant 90%Natural gas or 100%Diesel fuel [1950kVax4] 1999y 50Hz 6300V 1000 rpm Never been installed with auxiliaries Packaging-Renovation-Relocation required Running 0 hours Sale EXW Russia


Offer's type sale
Type of asset power plant
Brand of asset MAN B@W
Country of origin Germany
Fuel natural gas or diesel fuel
Status surplus unused
Condition re-packaging required
Year of manufacture 1999
Running hours 0
Total electrical output of asset, MWe 6
Quantity of power generating units, pieces 4
Alternator output or Power rating of power generating unit, kWe 1560
Generator voltage, V 6300
Nominal frequency, Hz 50
Speed engine, RPM 1000
Brand and model of power generating asset or Engine type 18V20/27DG
Brand and model of alternator, kVA Rating Leroy Somer LSA 54 M6-6P 1950 kVA